Givi E22 Monokey Side Cases

Pair of 22 litre panniers    

Givi E360 Monokey Case

The E360's small dimensions make it particularly suitable for mounting as a side case, but it can also be used as a top case.  40 lt volume Its accessories include a backrest, metal rac...

Givi E41 Monokey Cases

These cases are no longer availble from Givi, but we can still get spare parts and accessories.  Parts diagram is in the resource section.  

Givi E52 Monokey Case

52 litre Top Box.  Accessories include back rest, metal rack, soft inner lining, soft inner bag, and stop light kit. This is an end of model line.  Being replaced with V56

Givi Pannier Hardware

Givi luggage systems are NOT a universal fit. In order to fit your topbox and/or panniers, you will need the specific Givi hardware for your bike. Not all luggage systems are suitable for...

Givi Trekker Outback Cam-Side Cases (to be used with CAM fitting kits only)

The new Givi Trekker Outback cases are made from 1.5 mm thick aluminium and are available in a pair with a 37 lt right hand case and a 48 lt left hand case.  These cases attach to the new Mono...

Givi V35 Monokey Side Cases

DUE MID OCTOBER 2018 The latest product from GIVI is the new V37 side-case, an evolution of the famous V35.  Designed to the highest detail using a compact yet elegant style without sacrifici...